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Fly Fishing for Steelhead, Salmon and Trout on Vancouver Island
Summer and Winter Run Steelhead... Fall Run Salmon

Whether you are a beginner or an avid fly fisher, fly fishing Vancouver Island is an adventure. Age is not a factor. Children benefit from fishing more than anyone. It is a known fact that if you teach a kid to fish before they are 12 years old they will always fish. That doesn't mean every year but it does mean that they will never lose the magic of what fishing is and they will always know it and love it. It is our pleasure to introduce fishing to everyone no matter what their skill level. After all it is Just Fishn at the end of the day.

Beginning in July the Summer Steelhead take up residence in their natal river until they spawn. Fly fishing for Steelhead When they readly take a fly wet or dry is an unforgetable experience. The Summer Run Steelhead are joined by their Winter Steelhead cousins beginning in December and then all of these incredibly diverse species spawn in the late winter and early spring.

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Fall Fly Fishing for Steelhead on Vancouver Island

Flyfishing for steelhead can be challenging anywhere. On Vancouver Island there are many smaller rivers that host good populations of wild steelhead. These small rivers are often over looked and can have excellent steelhead fly fishing opportunities. Our knowledge of run timing and successful fly fishing methods will provide the venue for an optimal experience.

Fly Fishing for Coho Salmon

In the fall when the salmon migrate to their home rivers, you can intercept them while fishing from pontoon boats. This is where your guided fishing experience will pay dividends. .

There are literally thousands of salmon that swim the beaches waiting for that final urge to run their natal streams. These fish are easily fooled as they gorge themselves in preparation to spawn. This is a world-class fishery that has not yet been commercially exploited. As they enter their natural rivers, we follow them up for tremendous fishing opportunities. Chinook to 40 lbs., Coho to 20 lbs., Chum to 15 lbs., summer steelhead, and sea run cutthroat is what to expect at this magic time of year.

Coastal Cutthroat

When trout fishing in the early spring, you can be overwhelmed by numbers of trout that come to hand. Our favorite is the Coastal Cutthroat Trout fishery. We target these trophy trout while fishing from pontoon boats in some pristine Vancouver Island lakes. Fly fishing for trout can be unbelievable especially when the Salmon Fry emerge from their natal streams. Fly Patterns for Vancouver Island lake fishing can be very specific, our head guide Bill von Brendel has developed many of his own patterns that are specific to individual lakes and time frames. Just Fishn' with Bill can be a memorable experience. The variety of Trout is not specific to Cutthroat, Vancouver Island holds Brown Trout that occasionally go over 20 inches, and numerous Rainbow Trout and Cutthroat that range from 20 to 27 inches.

Spey fishing for all species of Salmon is a specialty but be sure to book early because we are usually booked completely by Spring for Fall fishing.

Remote Hard Core Steelhead Adventures

Our guides are top-notch professionals with a lifetime of sport fishing and fly fishing experience, they will ensure a learned experience. It is our goal to educate our clients in the art of fly fishing and the environment in which we participate.

You can walk and wade, fish from one of our jet boats or drift boats, or be adventurous and fish with one of our pontoon boats. Which ever method that you choose your Fly Fishing experience on Vancouver Island will be one that you will not easily forget.

We encourage you to bring your favorite fly rod, be sure to contact us with regard to specific line types that suit your guided fly fishing outing. We do supply top notch custom-built tackle and are happy to supply it.

Accommodations can be arranged upon request.

Book your BC fly fishing vacation today and see what Canada has to offer.

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