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Bill vonBrendel
Pro staffer

Vancouver Island Fishing at its best!

Just Fishn is a Vancouver Island sport fishing guide service that specializes in guided ocean fishing excursions for salmon, halibut, and rockfish in the summer and guided steelhead fishing and lake fly fishing excursions for trout from September to May. Our primary areas of service extend from the Nanaimo area on Vancouver Island's east coast across to Ucluelet on the west coast. We fish in all waters from one side of the island to the other for all sport fishing worthy species including Chinook (King) Salmon, Coho (Silver) Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod, Steelhead, Coastal Cutthroat & Rainbow Trout. Pick your gear type and we'll make it happen.

Sport fishing in Ucluelet, BC Canada is a sure fire way to a successful fishing vacation. Just Fish’n has been operating a fishing charter in Ucluelet, Long Beach, Tofino, Bamfield, and Port Alberni, BC area for almost 3 decades. The primary reason for salt water fishing in Ucluelet is that there is an abundant supply of Salmon and Halibut fishing experiences on the La Peruse Bank which lies on the West Coast of Vancouver Island in front of Tofino, Long Beach, Ucluelet, and Barclay Sound.

The thrust of Just Fish’n is centered in Ucluelet fishing for Salmon and Halibut. Our fishing charters aboard our customized 24’ Sea Ray “Mega Bite” range from all day / 8 hour fishing trips commencing first thing in the morning and we also do afternoon fishing trips for 4 to 6 hours leaving from Ucluelet Harbour. Our Charter boats are outfitted to be comfortable for all people. They are covered and have a private marine head (bathroom). We encourage family & friends fishing trips and relationship building “business trips.” Be rest assured our charter boats are leading fish producers in Ucluelet, BC.

Ucluelet fishing trips for Salmon and Halibut commence in mid June and continue right through to early September.

Our focus in September thru April shifts to fly fishing for Salmon, Steelhead, and large Coastal Cutthroat Trout. We provide guided fly fishing in the Stamp River and many other small rivers, lakes, and streams.

Few people are more focused on fly fishing for salmon, steelhead and trout than Bill von Brendel, he is a master fly fishing guide and an innovative fly tying machine!

Whale watching in Ucluelet is just and added bonus, Humpback Whales, Gray Whales migrate up and down the coast all summer long feeding on crill (small shrimp). Resident and transient Killer Whales, otherwise known as Orcas, frequent our area regularly in search of plentiful salmon, herring and abundant Seals and Sea Lions (transient whales) to satisfy their appetite. Occasionally we also encounter Dall’s Porpoises offshore and Harbour Porpoises and Sea Otters in Barklay Sound. Fishing in Ucluelet is not just fishing, it is a great way to experience the West Coast of British Columbia and all of its splendor.

Owner Bill von Brendel is passionate about fishing and takes great care to ensure that his guests gain appreciation and realize the benefit of what great fishing vacations in Canada’s Pacific Rim has to offer. Bill is one of the few guides that offers fly fishing on Vancouver Island for Salmon, Trout, & Steelhead. His favorite activity is fly fishing for steelhead in British Columbia, something that many accomplished anglers aspire to do. He also loves to fish in lakes from a pontoon boat and guide fresh water fishing for large Coastal Cutthroat Trout and Rainbow Trout. Take a BC fly fishing vacation with Bill.

Whatever fishing experience you are looking for Just Fishin’ has got you covered.

We can also arrange for accommodation in Ucluelet and Tofino, BC, space is limited in our area so be sure to plan ahead. Many B&B operations work closely with us to assure quality accommodation for our guests.

For More Infomation...contact us @ toll free 1-877-334-7466.

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