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Salmon Fishing... Ucluelet and Tofino
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If it’s the non-stop action of a powerful Chinook Salmon or the adrenaline rush of a large Halibut that you want, fishing off of Ucluelet and Tofino is the place where you can have your cake and eat it too!

The outer banks (La Peruse Bank) range from 3 miles to 25 miles, and is teaming with feed. These banks attract all age groups of salmon and halibut that spend their time gorging on the abundant Baitfish and Krill.

Salmon fishing starts May 1st with lots and lots of Chinook Salmon weighing in the high teens and into the twenties. All Salmon and Halibut migrate up onto the banks in mid April to feed gaining over a half a pound per week. This activity can translate into non-stop action for the guests. Halibut at this time weigh an average of 20 to 40 lbs with a small percentage over 100 lbs.

The peak fishing season in Ucluelet is much longer than almost any other area of the west coast of North America simply because the La Peruse Bank is really the junction where all species of Salmon heading toward their natal river systems part company. Three major groups of fish that pass are headed to the Fraser, Columbia, and Sacremento River systems. But lets not forget about the countless Rivers, Streams and Lakes that line the entire West Coast, that translates to millions of Salmon with an insatiable appetite and five different species to choose from.

The boat is the 24 Searay "Mega-bite", custom built for your West Coast adventure. We offer years of West Coast experience to get you to and from the outer banks safely. Along with top quality electronics, we also supply top of the line rods and reels.

Your catch will be cleaned and put on iced in your cooler or freezer. If you wish your fish to be processed, smoked or canned it can be arranged for you at your cost.

We ask that you book early to ensure your preferred dates.

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