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Bill vonBrendel
Pro staffer

Just Fish'n Steelhead Fishing on Vancouver Island

This is truely our favorite sport fishing opportunity. There is nothing like playing a chrome bright steelhead, particularly on a fly rod. We are one of the few guide outfitters that specialize in steelhead fly fishing. As anyone who is an avid steelhead fisher is aware a steelhead caught on a fly rod of any sort, is one of the finest adversaries that one can imagine. The prime season is in the fall with fresh summer run steelhead following their salmon cousins into the river to feed on their spawn.

We do not only fly fish for steelhead but we also fish for them conventionally. The winter steelhead is rarely reported to strike a fly more a result of river conditions than anything else. We tend not to encourage it too much on the bigger rivers unless the winter conditions are ideal. The river is typically quite high and cold which means that it is very important for the angler to get his gear right in the face of the fish. In many cases this is where your our local knowledge pays off along with our inate abilty to read water and teach you how to do the same.

Whether we take you fly fishing or gear fishing for steelhead here on Vancouver Island it is normally a full day with a departure time that suits our destination. We do prepare a shore lunch on occasion andf can also arrange for a bag lunch. It is really up to you to decide what you need from us excluding being your ultimate fishing guide. we are happy to provide whatever you need to make your day a complete success.Our peak steelhead fishing season on Vancouver Island, BC is from October through April.


The optimal steelhead fly fishing period is the fall months and in prime late winter/early spring river conditions. Contact us to discover what is the best opportunity for you to fish with us, meaning we can plan a fantastic fishing trip for you at anytime that will suit your schedule. "Weather God willing," everything will line up perfectly.

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